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5 blogs to add to your list

follow friday

This #FollowFriday, discover blogs that will help you through the holidays: choosing gifts, saving money, and staying healthy.

follow friday

Vine to Wind

Kristine write about fitness, food and living in San Francisco. Most recently she wrote quick reviews of SoulCycle’s second San Francisco location and Urban Remedy in the Marina, a healthy stop for grab-and-go meals, snacks and juices. Her excitement for living healthy might curb your craving for a third mug of eggnog. You’ll love her post with guidelines for staying on track during the holidays here.

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Advice from a Twenty Something

Advice from a Twenty Something is the advice column for the modern girl, penned by Amanda Holstein who just moved to NYC. With how-to’s on the latest trends in beauty and fashion, advice on career and decor, interviews with fellow gals in their 20s and gift guides galore, if you love The Single Diaries you’ll love Advice.

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Making Thyme for Health

Based in San Francisco, Sarah shares simple, seasonal vegetarian recipes. While I’m a carnivore myself, Sarah’s creations are full of color, seemingly full of flavor, and will have your mouth watering at first glance. Check out her recent posts on a Kale salad with Butternut Squash  and Garlic Lemon Roasted Cauliflower.

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Broke & Chic

For Millennials, by Millennials, Amanda Raye curates posts on how to shop smarter, dress better, work more efficiently, and live healthier with a post-recession budget. For a taste, click through to learn how to plan an affordable winter vacation.

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The Montgomerys are a husband-and-wife pair blogging about their life and travels. They spent a year living in Brussels, Belgium… just because… and now they’ve made their home in San Francisco. Reading like a diary—with loads of gorgeous photography and some awesome giveaways—they will inspire you to look for the adventure in your own life.

What’s your first daily blog stop?

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