5 Habits to Drop in 2015

PHOTO: Pinterest.

PHOTO: Pinterest.

Over the years I’ve realized the power of positivity which, for the new year, usually means focusing on the goals we want to accomplish. However, during a very telling self-reflection after my job burnout last summer, I realized the only way to truly evolve is to face my flaws. As we transition into another year of learning, here are the bad habits I vow to leave behind.

1. Fat Talk

Insecurity is a part of human nature, and while I’m lucky my body issues never got out of hand, I understand how easy it is to criticize yourself. What did I realize this year? The harder I work not for the body I want (because I will never have Beyoncé’s figure), but for the best shape my body can be in, the more confident I feel in myself. So the answer to this dilemma is to invest in your wellness: Work to be physically stronger (not to be thin, not to lose fat) and you can start to build mental strength too.

2. Sleeping Late

I am the perennial night owl, but sleeping in past noon to make up for lost hours just doesn’t feel great lately. I love sleep, so I should make it a priority; if a post isn’t ready by the morning, it’s not the end of the world… and the next episode on Netflix can wait until tomorrow night.

3. Shying Away From Pictures

In the age of instant social sharing, we have become more self-conscious about our appearance. I know I’ve avoided the camera more than once when I feel like no amount of angles or filters can edit the hot mess I feel I am. We are re-learning to live in the moment without capturing everything on camera, but then I look back at photos from my childhood… and ones from college… and while I was clearly enjoying that moment in time, I may not have recalled it without being prompted by a picture. My point? Take pictures; it’s nice to have souvenirs of memories too.

4. Automatic Arguments

I love to argue. And maybe I can’t stop my brain from immediately forming a rebuttal, but I can practice taking a breath before any of those thoughts leave my brain. I don’t have to voice my opinion every time someone says something I disagree with. I was successful a handful of times in 2014, and I must say it felt much more peaceful staying out of the argument (especially knowing I was right from the sidelines).

5. Holding On

Not all friendships are meant to last a lifetime, and the ones that are won’t ever feel like work. Know when to apologize. Know when to take blame. But know when you can be a better you by walking away.

What bad habits do you think you should drop this year?

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