Trend Report | Spotlight on Sweatshirts

6 ways to take your sweatshirt from frumpy to fashionable 

Normcore brought with it a way to make any seemingly casual clothing “chic.” While I haven’t quite figured out how to wear the sassy sweatpants turning up everywhere, I have always been a fan of the sweatshirt. It takes a real sense of style to make a sweatshirt flattering and flirty, but these ladies have it in the bag. Read on for more style inspiration to take your favorite sweatshirts out of storage… or add new ones to your wardrobe.


Layer up | Jess Hannah

Treat your sweatshirt like your favorite tee: Throw a jacket over, and you’re instantly more put together.


Go for texture | The Fancy Pants Report

Paired with your favorite jeans and everyday accessories, a textured sweatshirt is the focal point of your outfit.


Prints Charming | Atlantic-Pacific

A sweatshirt with all-over print is picture perfect for Casual Fridays or a lunch date.


Be Bold | Karla’s Closet

Feeling frisky? Look for a graphic sweatshirt in a bold color.


Reach for a favorite | Cupcakes & Cashmere

Make your favorite crewneck from high school current with white (or light wash) jeans.

How are you wearing your favorite ’90s sweatshirt in the two thou?

Originally posted on The Single Diaries.

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6 thoughts on “Trend Report | Spotlight on Sweatshirts

  1. Hi Catherine! I LOVE sweatshirts, and I have one from Banana Republic that I’ve worn with jeans and heels to fancy it up a little. I agree that things can be casual to chic in an instant. And hey, we need the long sleeves in the Bay Area, so I’m glad this trend is going strong!


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