Guide to All Things Makeup

8 links to everything you need to know about caring for, throwing out, and storing your makeup


PHOTO: Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Spring cleaning is often attached to cleaning out your closet. As we move into fall, it’s time we give our cosmetics some much needed attention. Because they’re so sneakily small, we often take for granted the little space they take up in our living spaces. Products build up, and we can easily forget they’re there. However, with this round-up of articles from trusted beauty sources, devoting time to cleaning your brushes, tossing out products from your makeup bag, and re-organizing what you keep, you are on your way to a vanity area that will make your getting-ready routine worthy of a red-carpet entrance.


PHOTO: Kathleen Kamphausen for Cosmopolitan.

Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Some of our most used tools that are probably cleaned the least, makeup brushes are a hotbed of bacteria that can contribute to ongoing breakouts or irritated skin. Follow this easy tutorial on on daily spritzing and weekly shampooing of your beloved brushes.


PHOTO: Jennifer Kathryn on TheEverygirl.

Throwing Out Products

Speaking of bacteria build-up, when’s the last time you did an overhaul of your makeup bag? Sure, most cosmetics don’t come with expiration dates (they do if they include SPF), but that doesn’t mean they don’t go bad. Here is Allure’s comprehensive guide of when to throw out products. (Spoiler alert: mascara and eyeliner should be replaced most frequently, every 2-3 months.)

Recycling Products

Did I say throw out? I meant discard… According to InStyle Magazine, product packaging makes up almost 45% of the trash found in landfills. Go green by checking out this list of brands and how they are doing their part for the environment. While a couple, like MAC, Kiehl’s and Lush, collect their own containers and often offer a small reward, Origins accepts empty containers from any brand and Aveda has a program to recycle rigid polypropylene plastic caps that often become landfill instead of being recycled.


PHOTO: Buzzfeed.

DIY: Reusing Products

Before you throw out the last bit of your makeup, check out this fun list of DIY projects from BuzzFeed to repurpose anything salvageable. Use an old mascara wand as an eyebrow brush, create your own shade of nail polish with the last of your eyeshadow, mix your own shade of lipstick, and more.


PHOTO: Kathleen Kamphausen for Cosmopolitan.

Organizing Your Stash

Now that you’ve tossed the old, repurposed your products, and stripped down to the basics, it’s time to get organized. While Pinterest is your best bet for inspiration, these three links offer valuable concrete tips for storing your favorite products:


PHOTO: Total Beauty.

Creating Your Ideal Vanity

Many of us picture our dream closet; does your also include the perfect vanity space? Mine does! If and when you’re ready, here is TotalBeauty’s guide to building your dream vanity… starting with the right piece of furniture and mirror and finishing with the right lighting.

What are your favorite sources for cosmetic inspiration?

Catherine Abalos is founder and editor of The Single Diaries.

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