National Burger Month | California Style

Celebrating National Burger Month with our favorite burgers in California

national burger month

It’s only fitting that I was born in Burger Month (I’m a self-professed über carnivore). I checked in with some of my food-loving friends for their recommendations of the best burgers in California (including a few for you non meat-eaters) to bring you a list of must-try’s to celebrate this glorious “holiday”… and, of course, no list would be complete without the quintessential California burger joint: In-n-Out, so scroll down to see how our burger lovers order theirs.

national burger month


Truffle Burger at Umami Burger, Los Angeles

The burger has house-made truffle cheese and truffle glaze with their signature beef blend for the patty. The burger provides so much flavor which what seems so few ingredients. I love that lack of “fluff.” Simplicity at it’s best!

Angeli Gerona, Bar Method Marina del Rey instructor

national burger month


Spruce Burger at Spruce, San Francisco

Dubbing this one the “White Napkin Burger.” It’s all about high-end homemade ingredients: English muffin, pickled red onions, and pickles. It’s a bougie burger worth every penny.

– Jonna Constantine, proud San Franciscan, culture chaser and Marketing/Publishing specialist


national burger month

PHOTO: Serious Eats.

4505 Burger at 4505 Food Truck, San Francisco

Originally only available off their food truck, it’s the best burger you’ll eat standing up! The seeded bun and special sauce make this burger crave-able.

– Jonna Constantine, proud San Franciscan, culture chaser and Marketing/Publishing specialist


Signature Burger at The Honor Bar, Beverly Hills

The flavors of their signature burger recall that of a Big Mac so it’s nostalgic, but the wait staff wears black bow ties when they serve it to you so you can feel like a grownup. The creamy and crunchy shredded cabbage slaw nicely balances the tang of the tomato, pickles, and Cheddar. Their housemade bun is the perfect pillowy neutral counterpoint to all the other flavors.

Laura Delahaye, full-time TV enthusiast and part-time burger connoisseur


Regular Hamburger at The Apple Pan, West L.A.

I like the wait-on-the-wall policy to get a counter seat, Coke with crushed ice in a paper cone, and mostly I love the plain old regular hamburger. No fancy business. Just hamburger, in that old building on Pico, with an even older waiter that will always convince me to add a slice of pie to my order.

Insider Tip: You can eat by yourself at the Apple Pan and feel very comfortable, or you can bring one friend. More is too many and distracts from the hamburger-eating.

Cori Tahara, retired Angeleno and Avant-Barre instructor


Vegetarian Varieties

national burger month


Ahi Burger at Gott’s Roadside, St. Helena

You may have had ahi burgers elsewhere, but none will compare to this one. The ginger wasabi mayo and Asian-inspired slaw go perfectly with the flavorful and fluffy toasted egg bun. Great for when you want something amazing and meat-free.

– Jonna Constantine


national burger month

PHOTO: Source.

Burger at Source, San Francisco

The best burger in San Francisco is that vegetarian hamburger thing at Source… only because it tastes rad and nobody knows what it is made of. Mysteries are always special!

– Cori Tahara


Wasabi Burger at The Plant Café, San Francisco

Their beet/wheat/lentil/mushroom/cashew patty combination is the best in town and when you add wasabi raspberry aioli and sauerkraut to the mix, you get something special! The very best veggie burger.

– Jonna Constantine



In-n-Out for Out-of-staters 

national burger month

PHOTO: Bite & Booze.

The “secret menu” may not be so secret anymore, but finding your perfect In-n-Out order is an art that Californians have perfected. In fact, when faced with the question of her favorite burger in California, one of our panelists went straight to her In-n-Out order.

Double-Double, medium rare, extra toasted bun, no onions, add chilis

Deliciousness galore with a bit of heat. The pickled chilis help cut through the richness of the burger and the extra toasted bun helps keep the burger held together until the very last amazing bite, not to mention toasted bread is the best kind. The definitive American cheeseburger.

Nini Gueco, Avant-Barre founder


Angeli: Hamburger with ketchup only and cheese fries.

Catherine: Cheeseburger Animal style with an extra toasted bun, fries with ketchup and pepper, and a Diet Coke.

Cori: Double-Double Animal style, fries, and chocolate shake. (Eat all the fries first. Find any fries that fell out of the box and smash into burger. Mmmmm.)

Laura: Cheeseburger cooked Animal style (no sauce please) with pickles, grilled onions, lettuce and tomato.

Tara: Hi, I would like a number 3 (hamburger, fries, soda) protein style with a whole grilled onion, no tomato but add ketchup. THANK YOU!


What’s your favorite burger? How do you order In-n-Out?


Originally posted on The Single Diaries.

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