Stars & Stripes Sophisticate

An inspiration guide to elevated red, white & blue style

PHOTO: Pinterest.

PHOTO: Pinterest.

There is no shortage of American flag-emblazoned garb in the States. Let freedom ring this holiday weekend with classic Americana—hot dogs, water slides, apple pie, fireworks—and maybe leave the repurposing of flags into dresses to the college gals. Try these ideas on for a more grown-up iteration of the star-spangled banner.


Casual Cool Blue | Gal Meets Glam

A denim jacket and carefree stripes tone down lace shorts to make them barbecue-appropriate.



Posh Patriot | Wendy’s Lookbook

A tweed jacket or a tailored blazer in a bright red or blue will make you an automatic style stand-out.



In the Details | They All Hate Us

A pop of leopard on the 4th adds a fun mix to the palette and is unexpectedly appropriate.



Pop Culture | Lovely Pepa

Channel your inner Dorothy. Seek inspiration from the picnic. Gingham is an American classic that evokes childhood summers.



Creative License | Atlantic-Pacific

Let your creativity run wild with mixed prints and a daring take on red, white, and blue.




Give Back | A House in the Hills

A white and red (or blue) striped dress is perfect for the occasion but pretty enough to wear all summer long.



Monochrome | Sincerely, Jules

Who says you need to wear all three? Be bold in one of our national colors.


Share your 4th of July look with me!


Originally posted on The Single Diaries.

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