Anatomy of a Perfect Weekend

My guide to getting everything you want out of a “free” weekend

PHOTO: Prepfection.

PHOTO: Prepfection.

One lesson I quickly learned once I had a full-time job is that we cannot live for the weekends. We should have at least one thing to look forward to each and every day (i.e. pre-work coffee, lunch with a coworker, happy hour, a fun workout). Regardless, that time between Friday night and Sunday night is still sacred. There are weekends that dictate your schedule for you. You have visitors coming, it’s your best friend’s birthday bash, you are out of town… but on the off chance that you get to build your own, here is the anatomy of a perfect weekend.


Have three events that anchor your time.

Having absolutely nothing to do for 48 hours sounds fun in theory but, in reality, makes for extreme lack of productivity and maybe even a chance for boredom (ain’t nobody got time for that). Plan a catch-up dinner with a friend, a boozy brunch with a group, or a hike date with your roommate. If it is someone’s birthday, count her dinner as one event.


PHOTO: Pinterest.


Plan one physical activity.

It’s a lot more difficult to get back in the game if all you do is eat and drink adult beverages all weekend. Whether it’s a bike ride with a friend, a fitness class, or a 15-minute run, stay on top of the active lifestyle you’re building for yourself.



If you need to be productive, set aside a block of time.

Many of us have demanding jobs that require logging in on the weekends. Many of us are on that side hustle hype. Know what you have to do, and set aside a reasonable amount of time to get it done. Ideally, this is not more than 2 hours. Then during that block of time, really focus. Don’t check your Facebook. Don’t turn on the TV in the background. Get what you need to do done.

Bonus points for doing your work at a favorite or new coffee shop… you’re still being “social” and inviting the weekend to work its magic!



Have one flexible activity in your back pocket.

The new juice bar you’ve wanted to try? An exhibit that’s only in town for a couple months? A visit to a neighborhood you’ve wanted to explore? We all have something we want to get around to and often don’t end up doing it for whatever reason. Thinking ahead gives you a great backup activity when you have a few hours to spare in between working out and partying. If it’s something you must get done, make it one of your anchor events. If it’s not, you are giving the weekend the space and opportunity to surprise you.



Wind down.

We get it. Mondays can be rough, especially after an amazing weekend of laughing and dancing the night away with friends. As a superbly single girl, you are likely married to your career and working your booty off to move up that ladder. Treat Sunday night like you would a night after work. Plan to get home early and relax. Reflect on the fantastic memories you made in the last two days, and start to consider what you have going on during the week. Monday morning will be less of a shock and, instead of cursing that first day back at work, you can be grateful for your perfect weekend and  ready to take on the world once again.


How would you spend your perfect weekend?


Originally posted on The Single Diaries.

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