Why Snooze When You Can… | Morning Rituals

5 morning rituals to get you out of bed

morning ritual

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I am a night owl. I can stay up later than most people, and my love of sleep means that, historically speaking, me waking up naturally before 11am is unusual. Sleep is important to me, so I’ve always made it a priority; I would categorize that under “good self-care.” Living a freelance life means that I now have the freedom to sleep in a little later when I have to stay up to the wee hours to get work done. In the past few months, however, sleeping in late just ain’t what it used to be (hello, late 20s). Although I’m a creature of habit, part of me does want to become more of a morning person. If you’re like me and need a little boost in the AM, here are 5 rituals you can add to your morning routine that might motivate you to stop hitting the snooze button (or at least cut back to one hit).

morning ritual

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Blast Your Favorite Song

Not only is music a way to help change your mood instantly, it’s a great way to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. Instead of wallowing in the stress awaiting your day, give yourself a jump start by blasting your favorite song as you get ready. My current Spotify repeat: Haim’s Days Are Gone.

morning ritual

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Read the Daily Skimm

theSkimm is best way to get the news you need in 10 minutes. I used to try to skim the New York Times headlines before eventually accepting that I still had no idea what was going on in the world. If you aren’t already a Skimm subscriber, get ready for your life to change: Two millennials started a daily newsletter that delivers top news stories (ranging from politics, world issues and controversial cases to the latest in sports and pop culture) in a way that’s not only informative and easy-to-understand, it’s witty and entertaining. As a bonus, they have a new giveaway a few times a week (think free trips to Peru and fitness retreats), break down definitions of the latest slang (do you know what normcore means?), and suggest books people love or hate. Newfound knowledge will give you an extra pep in your step.

morning yoga

Stretch for 10 minutes

While funemployed without any structure to my schedule, I found that half an hour of yoga was enough to give my body the movement and stretching it needed. Practicing conscious breathing and working on focused stillness will give you calm that you can carry out into your day. Try Megan’s morning yoga poses, or follow along with a video from Tara Stiles.

morning ritual

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Enjoy a Cup of Hot Tea

There’s something about sipping a cup of tea that feels more relaxing than coffee. Don’t get me wrong, coffee is a daily habit for me… but it does seem to add to a manic morning. Boiling water and enjoying a cuppa tea while Skimming or savoring a few pages of your latest read (mine is bell hooks’ All About Love) is a way to quiet your system and start the day fresh. Tea not your thing? Motivate your body with a delicious hot breakfast; here are 5 easy ideas from The Everygirl.

PHOTO: Flickr.

PHOTO: Flickr.

Breathe in Fresh Air

Instead of rushing out the door and not stopping until you get to your desk, give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to really breathe in the fresh air and set an intention for your day. Just get your body moving… or stop by a local coffee shop so that the first people you interact with aren’t the coworkers who stand as a reminder about everything you need to get done before you clock out.

What is your favorite morning ritual?

Looking for more ways to add flavor to your week? Check out my guides to weekday activities and to the perfect weekend.

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One thought on “Why Snooze When You Can… | Morning Rituals

  1. My favorite morning ritual is to pet my little Siamese kitty that curls up between us after her breakfast and immediately starts purring. She also enjoys snoring, so funny to listen to…helps start our day with a smile!


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