The Gift Guide for Your Best Year Yet

9 gifts to make 2015 your best year yet

holiday gift guide

When I thought about my “wish list” for this holiday season, I realized there wasn’t anything I wanted… a far cry from my annual wish list MO. After this year of transition, I realized that what I really wanted was what we all want: love and balance. Since that’s not something you can really gift, I put together some items that can support any modern girl in her ongoing quest to become her best self. Read on for my 9 gifts for making 2015 your best year yet. Plus don’t miss out on an exclusive offer from Gwenyth activewear!

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December Wish List

My must-haves for December

december wishlistOne of the worst things about being out of school (aside from bills and adult responsibilities) is the absence of back-to-school shopping. Who doesn’t love a new notebook and a fresh start? Though school’s been back in session for well over a month, I’m just now feeling summer drift into memory. With that, I also feel a little more motivation, a little more inspiration. Here are the things on my December wish list to aid in tapping into that creativity.

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