Why Snooze When You Can… | Morning Rituals

5 morning rituals to get you out of bed

morning ritual

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I am a night owl. I can stay up later than most people, and my love of sleep means that, historically speaking, me waking up naturally before 11am is unusual. Sleep is important to me, so I’ve always made it a priority; I would categorize that under “good self-care.” Living a freelance life means that I now have the freedom to sleep in a little later when I have to stay up to the wee hours to get work done. In the past few months, however, sleeping in late just ain’t what it used to be (hello, late 20s). Although I’m a creature of habit, part of me does want to become more of a morning person. If you’re like me and need a little boost in the AM, here are 5 rituals you can add to your morning routine that might motivate you to stop hitting the snooze button (or at least cut back to one hit).

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12 Ways to Savor Christmas

12 ways to make your holiday last throughout December


Since I left for college many moons ago, I have grown to appreciate the holiday season more deeply. It’s the time of year when all of my childhood friends and family are gathered in one place. You wind down from another year and remember what’s really important. The chaos of life matters a little less. Spending time doing nothing with people you love means even more. When “holiday break” in my hometown went from a month in college to a week and a half in the work world (and I know even that is a luxury!), I learned how to savor Christmas in less time. One of my favorite parts of moving back officially is that I get to see a full-size Christmas tree when I come home every day. I started to make a conscious effort years ago not to look forward to anything too early. I felt that it made time move too quickly, and I for one want to extend every happy memory for as long as possible. With that, here are my twelve ways to spread holiday cheer in small ways and celebrate your holiday last throughout the month.

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Anatomy of a Perfect Weekend

My guide to getting everything you want out of a “free” weekend

PHOTO: Prepfection.

PHOTO: Prepfection.

One lesson I quickly learned once I had a full-time job is that we cannot live for the weekends. We should have at least one thing to look forward to each and every day (i.e. pre-work coffee, lunch with a coworker, happy hour, a fun workout). Regardless, that time between Friday night and Sunday night is still sacred. There are weekends that dictate your schedule for you. You have visitors coming, it’s your best friend’s birthday bash, you are out of town… but on the off chance that you get to build your own, here is the anatomy of a perfect weekend.
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Cleaning Out Your Closet (and Shopping Your Wardrobe)

5 Guidelines to Discard Items + 6 Classic Pieces to Keep When Cleaning Out Your Closet

cleaning out your closet

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Admit it. It’s the middle of the summer, and you still haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning. If you read All’s Fair in Love & Wardrobe (or even just my book report on it), you might have the urge to edit your wardrobe (before editing your love life). The good news for you slackers is that I just did a major overhaul of two closets thanks to my move, and I learned some things in the process.

Cleaning out your closet is beneficial for a) making room for new things, b) taking inventory of what you might have forgotten you have, c) making a little extra cash, and d) feeling emotionally lighter. A well-edited closet gives you the opportunity to know exactly what you have and streamlines the getting ready process and your options of what to wear. Now where to start? There are the tried and true rules for what you should discard, but where can you draw the line? Read on for your guide to what must go as well as what should stay in your wardrobe.

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Around the World in 24 Hours | Summer Movies

10 summer movies to feed into your wanderlust

summer moviesTime and/or money limitations holding you back from taking your dream vacation? Live vicariously through the travels of film characters. Reminisce about carefree summers with classic childhood movies. Host an outdoor movie night, curl up under the stars with these movies, and remember that your next adventure is just a choice away.

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